Man had enough cannabis for 7,000 joints, court told

The man, accused of possession of 1.5kg cannabis, heroin and having three unlicenced shotguns, was denied bail 

A court has denied bail to a man arrested whilst in possession of 1.5kg of cannabis.

35-year-old interior decorator Cliff Borg from Mosta was arraigned before Magistrate Doreen Clarke this morning accused of possession of cannabis in circumstances which suggested it was not for his personal use, possession of heroin and offences under the Arms Act.

Inspector Justine Grech, prosecuting, told the court that the man had been arrested after police were tipped off about a drug deal. Police followed Borg who was seen apparently discarding a bag which was found to contain the drugs. Two unlicensed shotguns were found at his home and a third in a compartment in his car. Two of the shotguns had the same serial number, explained the inspector.

The amount of cannabis found was enough to make 7,000 joints, the court was told as the prosecution forcefully opposed bail.

Defence lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri entered a plea of not guilty and requested bail. There were no civilian witnesses, he said, explaining that the biggest hurdle to bail was therefore overcome.

Bail was recently given to a suspect found with 1.5kg of cocaine he said. The Attorney General had appeared and lost, Debono added. Answering Inspector Xerri, who explained that investigations were still underway, the lawyer said that the prosecution should have all the evidence it needed before arraigning. Evidence exonerating the accused could emerge after he was charged, argued Debono. “The compilation of evidence is not a fishing expedition.”

The court, after hearing the parties, on account of the nature of the crime and the fact that the accused did not satisfy the guarantees required by law, denied bail.

All Borg’s assets were seized due to the charges being drug trafficking-related.

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