Man murdered mother, aunt over suspicion that they spiked his coffee, court told

The man suspected that his aunt and mother were putting substances in his coffee that were making him tired

A man told police that he murdered his mother and aunt because he suspected that they had put something in his coffee.

Before magistrate Josette Demicloli this morning, Kevin Micallef, 42, of Gharghur was charged with the murder of his aunt, aged 74, and his mother aged 71.

Inspector Kurt Zahra explained that on Monday the police had been informed by Kevin Micallef himself that he had just murdered his mother and aunt. He had also called the ambulance. Micallef opened the door to the police and was arrested. Upon examination by medical professionals, it was suggested that he be taken to Mount Carmel Hospital. He was released from Mount Carmel as fit for interrogation today although it was suggested that he be held there for observation.

He said that the man had suspected that his aunt and mother were putting substances in his coffee and were making him tired. After drinking his coffee he said he told police that he heard his aunt say “do you think he noticed” and he snapped and stabbed both women.

Both women later died of their wounds.

Lawyer Martha Mifsud, legal aid to the accused entered a not guilty plea on behalf of the accused whose speech was so garbled, it was barely comprehensible. She asked that an independent psychiatric expert be appointed to assess his sanity and whether he was fit to stand trial.

She also reserved the right to contest the validity of the man’s statement to the police for this reason.

Police inspectors Kurt Zahra and Elton Taliana prosecuted.

The man was remanded in custody.

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