Supermarket cashier and customer charged after paying only 29c for trolleys full of items

The customer would repeatedly load the trolley with items and the cashier would only record a 29c transaction 

An Italian duo have been arraigned over the fraudulent taking of several trolleys full of items from a local supermarket, for which only 29c were paid.

Vincenzo Maniscalco, 39 and Raffaella Recchia, 36 were arraigned before magistrate Charmaine Galea on charges of fraud and theft. Recchia alone was also charged with misappropriation and Maniscalco alone was accused of complicity in that offence.

Inspector Roderick Attard explained to the court how Maniscalco would load a trolley with a mountain of items while his accomplice Recchia, who was a cashier at the supermarket, would only record a 29c transaction. This is believed to have occurred on a number of occasions, but only CCTV of the last one was given to the police.

Recchia, defended by lawyer David Gatt, pleaded guilty to misappropriation charge only, after it was explained that the other charges were alternatives. Her father refunded half the value of the items illicitly taken in court today.

The other half would be due by the other co-accused, after the prosecution requested the court deal with the two accused separately.

On punishment, Gatt said that the woman had a clean conduct, had cooperated fully and the injured party was reimbursed. He asked for probation. “She was fired, but her salary is still outstanding,” he said.

The court handed the woman a two-year conditional discharge after taking into account the refunding and clean conduct.

Maniscalco requested bail. His wife was due to give birth in Malta today or tomorrow so he was unlikely to flee, his lawyer Noel Cutajar said. The prosecution did not object as long as the usual conditions applied.

Maniscalco was released from arrest on condition that he does not contact prosecution witnesses, signs a bail book twice a week, secured by a deposit of €1,000 and a personal guarantee of €2,000.

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