No bail for drunk man who assaulted police

The man was charged with attacking two police officers, disobeying orders, being drunk in public and breaching the peace 

A Somali refugee who attacked police whilst drunk has been remanded in custody.

Inspector Wayne Camilleri arraigned Abdulnasir Mohammed Abdulahi 28, from Somalia before magistrate Claire-Louise Stafrace on charges of attacking two police officers in the course of their duties, disobeying legitimate orders, being drunk in public and breaching the peace.

The crime took place yesterday at midday in Balbi Street, Marsa. The circumstances surrounding the incident did not emerge in today's sitting.

The court heard how the accused was listed as an open centre resident but declared he is homeless.

Lawyer Victor Bugeja, legal aid to the accused, entered a not guilty plea. Bail was not requested.

Abdulahi was remanded in custody.

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