Seven iGaming employees take employer to court over 'illegal' relocation bombshell

Seven Turkish-speaking employees were told that they could either relocate to Georgia and take a substantial pay cut, or leave the company  

A group of seven Turkish gaming employees have filed a judicial protest against their employer after being told they could either take a substantial pay cut and relocate to Georgia or leave.

The judicial protest states that Evolution Malta Limited was closing its tables for Turkish-speaking clients and was going to transfer them to Georgia. The employees were offered the possibility of moving to Georgia and being paid as much as Georgian employees, which was “much less” than what they were presently earning in Malta. If they did not wish to accept this arrangement, they were free to seek other work, it said.

This “entirely abusive and illegal” behaviour was leading to the loss of the employee’s livelihoods, reads the judicial protest, which warned that the company would be held responsible for damages if it persisted on this behaviour. 

Lawyers Joseph P. Bonello and David Bonello signed the judicial protest.

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