Knife-wielding man who tried to rob passing cars remanded in custody

The man had tried to stop and rob several cars in Lija and ended up being hit by a motorcycle, injuring its driver

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(File Photo)

A man who, armed with a knife, tried to stop cars passing through Lija in an attempt to rob them, has this afternoon been denied bail.

Rashid I Ramadan Aljabo, 25, from Libya but living in Hamrun, was accused of having, on 2 September, attempted to commit aggravated theft in Triq il-Mosta, Lija, and of seriously injuring a third party.

He was also accused of damaging a third party's vehicle, carrying a knife without a license, and of insulting the police and disobeying their orders.

The court heard how the police had received a report that a man in Lija – who turned out to be the accused – was, armed with a knife, attempting to stop cars which were driving by.

He also tried to stop a motorcyclist, the rider of which ended up colliding into the accused, falling off their Yamaha bike and being seriously injured. The motorcycle itself was also damaged.

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After the police arrived at the scene and an ambulance was called, the accused turned violent. He was taken to hospital, where he started insulting the police officers who had accompanied him.

The prosecution told the court, presided by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, that it felt the nature of the accused’s actions amounted to a crime against society.

As the magistrate explained to the accused what the accusations against him were, he objected to charges regarding him carrying a knife and started shouting and saying he did not want to court to “fuck him”, for which he was cautioned by the police.

The court explained to him that it was not the time for him to argue his defence, as this would be done in another sitting – it was now the time to say if he was pleading guilty or not.

The accused, who sat in court with a cast around on one of his legs, due to an injury sustained during the collision with the motorcycle, pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him.

No request for bail was made and the accused was remanded in custody.

Lawyer Martha Mifsud was legal aid for the accused.

Inspector Elton Taliana prosecuted.

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