Italian drug trafficker admits to charges after being found in possession of 20kg of cannabis

Concetto Stefano Ricardo d'Agostino, 44, admitted to the charges of being in possession of 20kg of cannabis with the intent of trafficking the drug 

An Italian caught in possession of 20kg of cannabis admitted to the charges brought against him by the Maltese court, mainly that he was in possession of an illegal substance with the intent of trafficking it. 

Concetto d'Agostino came to Malta from Sicily via catamaran on Friday evening and was arrested by police after 20kg of cannabis was found in his car. 

D'Agostino admitted to all the charges. He was assisted by an interpreter as he confirmed his admission.

He filed a request to be sentenced in Italy.

All the cannabis found in his possession was confiscated by the Maltese court. The court also ordered the seizure of the assets of the accused and that he pay a fine of €13,976. 

Police inspectors Kevin Pulis and Anthony Scerri prosecuted.

Lawyer Charmaine Cherrett was defence counsel.

Dr Simone Grech was the presiding magistrate.

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