No bail for man accused of threatening partner over the phone

The man, who was already on bail, had been given two protection orders since March and had breached both

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A man from Pieta wept in the dock as he was denied bail on a domestic violence case this morning.
The 32- year-old accused was arraigned under arrest before magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace by Inspector Godwin Scerri after allegedly threatening the mother of his child over the phone.

He was charged with misuse of electronic communications equipment, causing the woman to fear violence and breaching a protection order and court decrees prohibiting him from contacting her.

The accused is understood to have repeatedly made contact with the woman, in spite of the court orders.

As the sitting began, defence counsel, lawyer Anthony P. Micallef and Inspector Godwin Sceerri approached the bench at the request of the magistrate.

The accused pleaded not guilty, weeping quietly in the dock.

Bail was requested, but the prosecution objected, telling the court that the accused had been given two protection orders since March, which he had breached and was already on bail. “During his arrest we confirmed that he wasn’t obeying his curfew, as he wasn’t at home when we went to pick him up,” said the inspector.

Micallef tried to explain the couple’s troubles to the court, but was cut short. 

“Instead of taking steps to secure custody when the daughter is left with him for a long time, he insulted the mother,” explained the lawyer. “The exchanges were always verbal and never physical.  Steps can be taken to ensure the woman’s security.”

The court, however, denied bail.

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