A Mike Spiteri lyric actually made it into a magistrate’s court ruling

What better way to admonish a group of youngsters charged with starting a brawl in Zebbug, Gozo?

Magistrate Joseph Mifsud felt the wisdom of a Mike Spiteri (inset) lyric illustrated his point
Magistrate Joseph Mifsud felt the wisdom of a Mike Spiteri (inset) lyric illustrated his point

Keep this in mind… a Mike Spiteri lyric has actually been included in a Maltese court judgement by Magistrate Joseph Mifsud over a brawl in a parking lot between a group of youngsters.

Brothers Steven and Adrian Vella, and Jason Pace were charged with breaching the public peace in a fight in Zebbug with another group of youngsters, ostensibly over a girl – the court judgement did not give details of who dated whom.

But in letting the suspects go with just a simple warning, Magistrate Mifsud made a reference to the fact that one of the girls in the group that was assaulted by the three boys had been dating one of them.

“Everybody has the right to enter and exit a relationship. There are those who do not accept this, ending up with consequences, some seriously leading to much heartache, because as the singer Mike Spiteri says, ‘fejn thobb il-qalb jimxu r-riglejn’ (Where the heart loves, that's where the legs walk),” Mifsud said, referencing the 1995 Eurovision candidate for Malta.

“What this court does not allow are third parties interfering, sometimes with serious consequences. The courts must not serve as some pre-school class to solve problems like these. Such matters must be resolved by involved parties, and not waste the time of the police and courts.”

The three men were acquitted of the charges of breaching the public peace, assaulting Shaun Farrugia, Naomi Galea and Denise Cardona and causing them light injuries, of damaging Kevin Calleja’s car, and insulting Shaun Farrugia. They were issued with a warning and admonishment for assaulting Kevin Calleja without injuring him.

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