Lawyer takes on St George's Bay Corinthia project

A lawyer filed a judicial protest against the Prime Minister over the controversial planned project on the St George peninsula

Lawyer Ivan Mifsud has filed a judicial protest against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism over the Corinthia Group’s planned project in St. George’s Bay.

Mifsud argued that media reports had stated that the project would include unlimited rights to reclaim the seabed around the peninsula and to build on it for purely commercial purposes.

Under the Civil Code, the sea shore and seabed are public domain and outside of commerce, reads the protest. Only a parliamentary resolution can declassify land for a definite or indefinite time, said the lawyer. The law did not contemplate "unlimited declassifications or concessions which give private parties a free hand to take all it wants from the public domain", reads the protest, and "neither to speculate, make business and build all it wants on."

Therefore, the protestant, as a Maltese citizen as well as a resident in the area called upon the PM and the Minister for Tourism to ensure that the laws are not infringed and the interest of the people of Malta in general are safeguarded.

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