Maltese man stole to avoid starvation, court told

The man was sentenced to three months in jail

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

The courts gave us a peek into the reality of poverty in Malta this morning, as a man was jailed for stealing items from a supermarket, ostensibly to avoid starvation.

41-year-old Joseph Bonnett, who is homeless, was accused of stealing a shaver, toys and other items from a supermarket in Zejtun on 7 February.

He was also accused of recidivism, having had a number of previous convictions.

The accused pleaded guilty.  

Bonnett’s lawyer, Martin Fenech, appearing as legal aid to the accused, told magistrate Rachel Montebello that the man had no money to buy food.

“It’s a pitiful case. He stole to live and avoid starvation, please take this into consideration,” asked the lawyer.

The court, in view of the man’s guilty plea, sentenced Bonnett to imprisonment for three months.

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