Boy threatens mum with axe after being denied ham for his toast

What, no ham???

An eighteen-year-old has been held under preventive arrest, over a dispute he had with his parents at their residence in Bormla. 

The argument happened on Friday evening, with Joshua Ellul escalating the argument after his parents refused let him have ham on his toast. 

As the argument ensued, Ellul allegedly fetched an axe from outside his parent’s household and proceeded to threaten them. 

A psychological check-up held by a doctor revealed that the accused did not suffer from any mental health problems despite the mother’s claim, so Ellul did not need to be admitted to a mental hospital. 

Yesterday was also the Lady of Sorrows, a day where Catholics tend to shun meat as part of Friday penance, the day set aside for special prayer and fasting to mark the day Jesus died. 

Following the court sitting, the accused could be seen crying, and was heard saying that he had been threatened by his parents on multiple occasions.

The prosecution was led by inspector Eman Hayman. Magistrate Aaron Bugeja presided over the case.

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