Man accused of Shannon Mak murder showed no emotion as he was arrested, court told

The police recounted how they had found Jelle Rijpma lying on his apartment's sofa ‘half-asleep’

Jelle Rijpma
Jelle Rijpma

The man accused of the brutal murder of Shannon Mak was placid and calm as police arrested him, offering no resistance and asking no questions as police placed him in handcuffs, a court was told yesterday.

Magistrate Simone Grech, who is presiding the compilation of evidence against Jelle Rijpma, heard how the police had found the suspect lying on a sofa, “half-asleep” as they entered the small converted garage in which he lived, metres away from where Mak’s body was found.

Rijpma is charged with the murder of Mak, 30, whose throat was allegedly cut by her 23-year-old ex-boyfriend Rijpma on August 3 2018.

Emergency physician Jonathan Joslin took the stand to described the gruesome scene he found in Triq il-Mastrudaxxi as he reacted to the emergency callout.

The body of the young woman was in the street in a pool of blood, slumped against a wall. On the wall, an arc of her bloodied handprints could be seen, he said.

Dr. Joslin and his colleague Dr. Michael Spiteri had checked the casualty and found no breathing and no pulse. An extensive neck wound which exposed the trachea had caused a fatal haemorrhage, they said.

She was pronounced dead and the case was handed over to forensic experts.

Two of the four arresting officers who had detained Rijpma later that day, told the court that they had been let into the man’s flatlet by his landlady. He showed no emotion as they handcuffed him, they said.

The case will continue in June. 

Inspectors Kurt Zahra and Robert Vella are prosecuting.

Lawyer Leontine Calleja is defence counsel, while lawyer Stefano Filletti is appearing parte civile.

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