Żejtun garage drug stash worth up to €4 million, court told

Two men were arrested after they were caught with over 100kg of cannabis ready for trafficking

The cannabis was estimated to be worth between €3 and 4 million
The cannabis was estimated to be worth between €3 and 4 million

A stash of cannabis found inside two vehicles in Żejtun earlier this month was worth between €3 and 4 million, a court has been told, as the two men charged with trafficking the drugs were released on bail yesterday.

Two men from Cospicua, 21-year-old Jerome Azzopardi and 34-year-old Jonathan Cassar were arraigned on drug trafficking charges on 3 May.

The pair were charged with possession of cannabis, as well as conspiracy to traffic drugs. Cassar was also charged with relapsing.

Cassar and Azzopardi were arrested by the police Drugs Squad after the discovery of 133.5 kg of cannabis ready for trafficking, in a Żejtun garage.

Prosecuting police inspector Jonathan Cassar had testified that accused were apprehended whilst parking two vans in the garage.

In a sitting held yesterday a court-appointed expert told the presiding magistrate that 15 suitcases full of drugs were found inside two vehicles. One car had two suitcases, containing 16 kilograms of cannabis, whilst inside the other car were 13 suitcases containing 117.5 kilograms of the drug.

The total stash weighed 133.5kg and was of 23% purity with a street value of €3-4million, the court was told.

During the men’s arraignment, the Inspector had objected to both men being granted bail, arguing that they both had links to organised crime, in addition to the fact that some witnesses were yet to testify.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke released the men from arrest after two weeks in custody. Cassar was released against a €7,000 deposit and a personal guarantee of €13,000 while Azzopardi’s release was against a €5,000 deposit and a personal guarantee of €15,000.

Lawyer Roberto Montalto is appearing for Azzopardi. Lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and Amadeus Cachia are appearing for Cassar.

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