Court commends off-duty police officer for action that led to Liam Debono’s arrest

Magistrate Joe Mifsud recommends that police Sergeant Kevin Curmi be officially recognized for his actions

Magistrate Joe Mifsud
Magistrate Joe Mifsud

Police Sergeant Kevin Curmi was off-duty when he spotted Liam Debono driving a car in breach of a court ban and decided to follow the young man.

Curmi contacted the police control room and gave directions to the Rapid Intervention Unit officers of Debono’s whereabouts while he continued following the man.

At one point, Debono appeared to have noticed a police car and took a sharp turn. Curmi continued after him and witnessed Debono trading places with another passenger in the car.

Debono was this morning found guilty of all charges levelled against him in this case and in a separate decree with the judgment, Magistrate Joe Mifsud commended Curmi’s actions.

“The court cannot but praise the responsibility shown by Sergeant Kevin Curmi in this case, who despite being off-duty, faithfully fulfilled his duties as a public official in such a way that helped this case to be solved,” Mifsud said.

He noted that there were very few occasions when the actions of off-duty police officers were given the same media prominence as those occasions when officers are charged with a crime.

The court passed on the decree to Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia and Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, recommending that Curmi’s actions be recognized on Police Day, which is due on 12 July.

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