Mistaken identity led to Paceville attack on policeman, court told

An 18-year-old from Ethiopia has been conditionally discharged after he attacked a policeman in Paceville, in what emerged to be a case of mistaken identity

A young man from Ethiopia fought back tears this afternoon in the dock after being charged with attacking a policeman in Paceville in what emerged to be a case of mistaken identity.

18-year-old Antoine Mamush S D’haene was arraigned by Inspector Matthew Spagnol before magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo, accused of insulting and threatening a police officer, slightly injuring him and breaching the peace.

The court was told that the slightly-built and utterly miserable-looking accused had himself been attacked in Paceville and knocked to the ground. That is where a passing policeman saw the man and tried to help him up, only to be attacked by D’haene, who in so doing, earned himself a night in the police lockup.

Defence lawyer, Leontine Calleja, explained to the court that the accused had thought the police officer was his aggressor and lashed out at him, as both attacker and officer were wearing blue.

“He’s not a violent person,” said the legal aid lawyer.

Magistrate Farrugia Frendo agreed, handing the man a one-year conditional discharge for his wrongdoing.

D’haene, upon being informed, shakily thanked the magistrate, wiping his eyes as he did so. 

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