Two years prison and €5,000 fine for man who attacked police inspector in court

Magistrate comes down hard on man who assaulted a police inspector in court while undergoing domestic violence proceedings

The man was jailed for attacking a police inspector
The man was jailed for attacking a police inspector

Magistrate Joe Mifsud has come down hard on a man who physically attacked a police inspector in court.

Inspector Kylie Borg suffered bruises to her arm after the man, who was being charged with domestic violence at the time, violently grabbed her and launched into a tirade of insults directed towards her. He also threatened to kill her, while accusing the presiding magistrate of being cruel and not knowing what she was doing.

The man was found guilty of the charges by the court.

In a 43-page judgment quoting a panoply of legal, philosophical and religious sources, the magistrate found the man guilty and sentenced him to imprisonment for two years together with a fine of €5,000. He will also be treated for anger management as well as drug addiction.

“I’m taking you off the streets so you don’t end up in the grave,” said the magistrate, before quoting a poem by Mother Theresa.

The man’s lawyer, Michael Tanti Dougall, gave leave of appeal.

The court noted that in his submissions on punishment, Tanti Dougall had highlighted a number of sentences given by Mifsud himself, which had highlighted social issues and invited it to reflect on them when passing sentence.

But the court said it did not want the police to be demoralised. “An attack on a police officer is an attack on society,” commented the magistrate. He said that the accused might not like the sentence, but that it was for his own good.

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