Man cleared of attempted murder after victim tells court he fell on glass

The man was accused of the attempted murder of his brother, who told the court however that he had actually fallen on a broken beer bottle

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A court has cleared a man of the attempted murder of his brother by stabbing him with a broken beer glass, after hearing the victim state that he had actually fallen on the glass.

33-year-old Matthew Vassallo from Cospicua was arraigned in court last week, accused of the attempted murder of his brother, grievously injuring him, carrying a weapon at the time of the incident and breaching bail.

The court had heard how police officers who went on site had come across a man bleeding profusely from a large wound in his abdomen, enraged and vowing to seek revenge against his brother, the accused.  

His lawyer at the time, Benjamin Valenzia, had told the court that the brother had suffered the injuries when he had fallen on the accused after having too much to drink. This account had been corroborated by the victim and other relatives who had witnessed the incident, the lawyer had said, highlighting the fact that the police report which led to Vassallo’s prosecution had been filed anonymously.

Testifying earlier this week, Lucas Vassallo, after being informed that he could opt not to testify against his brother, told the presiding magistrate that the incident had been “accidental and not deliberate.” 

As nothing else had emerged from the evidence to show the possibility that a crime had been committed, the court ruled that there was insufficient prima facie proof to place the man under indictment and ordered his release.

Police Inspector Eman Hayman prosecuted.

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi was defence counsel.

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