Man who breached protection order returned to prison

A man breached a protection order imposed immediately after after being released on bail has been sent back to prison 

A man with a colourful police conduct and who immediately breached a protection order upon his release on bail was sent back to prison.

Juanito Jimenez, 26, from Hamrun, was released on bail in a decree passed by Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti in November 2018.

The court heard how the accused, upon release, immediately contacted the person the court had issued a protection order for, twice. The person had cause to fear violence from Jimenez, and also happens to be the prosecution’s main witness to the ongoing case against the accused.

Jimenez had been charged back in 2014 of aiding three AFM soldiers to rob a bathroom showroom in Victoria, Gozo. He had been sentenced to 18 months in prison for being an accomplice.

He had also been found guilty of stealing cigarettes from a cigarette machine and damaging public property.

The court ordered the accused to be re-arrested and to pay the personal guarantee of €4,500 for breaching bail conditions. 

He is to be held under surveillance at the Forensic Unit at Mount Carmel hospital.

John Spiteri and Kylie Borg prosecuted.

Audrey Demicoli was presiding magistrate.

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