Truck driver apologises for injuring motorcyclist in illegal maneuver

A truck driver has admitted to severely injuring a motorcyclist when he failed to indicate before a turn

A truck driver has admitted to severely injuring a motorcyclist when he failed to indicate before a turn.

Ivan Arbanas, 43, a Serbian living in Msida appeared in the dock before magistrate Charmaine Galea, accused of negligently causing grievous injuries and damage, driving in a negligent and reckless manner, failing to indicate and failing to stop after being involved in a traffic accident.

Inspector Jonathan Ransley, prosecuting, told the court that the incident had taken place on 26 October at around 9pm in Testaferrata Street in Ta’ Xbiex. The motorcyclist who was hit by the truck carrying construction waste, suffered a fractured pelvis and lower back injuries in the collision.

Arbanas pleaded guilty to the charges, the majority of which are contraventions. His lawyer, Arthur Azzopardi, told the court that the man was deeply sorry and extremely worried about the victim. Both the accused and his wife rode motorcycles and were acutely aware of the dangers for motorcyclists on the roads, he said.

Arbanas confirmed his plea after being given time to reconsider.

Azzopardi argued that the circumstances surrounding the case didn’t merit the maximum punishment being handed down. Inspector Ransley concurred, saying the accused had shown genuine remorse for what he had done. “I really feel sorry for what’s happened” piped up the accused, before being told to keep quiet.

The court, having heard the accused’s guilty plea, upon his admission found him guilty as charged. It fined him €2,000 and suspended his driving licence for three months, also adding eight penalty points to his licence. “This is the minimum that the court could impose on your licence. You must be very careful from now on because you can have up to 12 points before your licence is withdrawn,” warned the court.

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