[WATCH] Four years' jail for man in shocking arson attack

Zabbar man caught in harrowing arson attack on viral vid given four years' jail

A video of the attack is being circulated
A video of the attack is being circulated
Footage of the Zabbar arson attack

The man behind an arson attack in Ħaż-Żabbar footage of which went viral on social media has been sentenced to four years in prison.The shocking footage emerged yesterday, showing a man dousing a car in petrol and then setting it alight while horrified family screamed at him.

The arson attack was captured on video by a member of the family. One of the men shouting that he was burning their car because the family have “no respect”.

Although it was not mentioned in court today, the incident is believed to have started over an argument over a parking spot.

Felice Delia, a 54-year-old resident from Marsaskala, appeared in court before duty magistrate Simone Grech along with two men who were under 18.

All three pleaded guilty. Delia was sentenced to imprisonment for four years, while the other two accused were handed the same sentence, suspended for two years.

The victims were placed under a protection order, with the accused also being ordered to pay for the damage he caused to their car.

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