Man arrested in St Julian's for assaulting multiple police officers

The man resisted arrest, kicked a police officer, spat at another and tore the uniform of another constable

File photo
File photo

A Spanish man, 32, was arrested on Saturday morning after he resisted arrest and assaulted several police officers in St Julian's. 

The incident took place at around 5:30am when police received a report of a breach of public order outside a hotel on Schreiber Street in St Julian's. 

One of the hotel residents, the Spanish individual, was found to be making a racket. After talking to police, he acquiesced to leaving the hotel and behaving. Police said in a statement on Saturday that, despite the agreement, the man returned to the hotel. He went on to damage a motorcycle parked outside the building. 

The police once again returned on site but his behaviour had changed: he began insulting the officers present and eventually ran away. He was intercepted in Gort Street but resisted arrest, assaulted the police officers, spat at them, attempted to bite a police constable and tore the uniform of another. 

The man was escorted to the police station in St Julian's and was there found to be in possession of a green substance, a suspected illegal drug. 

Police are expected to arraign the Spaniard on Sunday. Police investigations continue.