Bernard Grech could halve Abela trust lead, MaltaToday Survey shows

A MaltaToday survey shows that Bernard Grech is a more unifying force for the PN

Get your hands on a MaltaToday edition today to see how Bernard Grech can hope to halve the trust gap with Robert Abela if he becomes Nationalist Party leader. 

The trust barometer shows that Grech would receive a score of 32.1% against Abela’s 51.7%, a gap of almost 20 points. 

A similar run-off between incumbent PN leader Adrian Delia and Abela sees the former obtain a trust rating of 12% against the Prime Minister’s 56%. The gap between Delia and Abela stands at 44 points. 

The survey however shows Abela trouncing Grech across all age groups with the Prime Minister posting his strongest results among those aged 51 and over. 

Abela runs roughshod over Delia, beating him across all age groups and in all regions with comfortable margins. 

Grech’s superior performance when compared to Adrian Delia, a trust rating of 32.1% when matched against Robert Abela, is higher than any level Delia has ever obtained over the past three years. 

The Labour Party has also slumped to its worst performance since Robert Abela became prime minister in January, a MaltaToday survey shows but continues to outperform its rival. FULL REPORT IN MALTATODAY