MaltaToday Survey | Grech hits low point, Abela wins back Gozo

Grech loses upward momentum but retains trust levels above 30% mark, something his predecessor never managed to achieve

Bernard Grech has recorded his lowest trust rating since September as he and Robert Abela lose the November budget bounce, the latest MaltaToday survey shows. 

Grech registered a trust rating of 30.1% in the December MaltaToday survey, a decrease of 1.4 points for the Nationalist Party leader over last month’s performance. Likewise, the Prime Minister lost 1.6 points to achieve a trust rating of 46.8%. 

The result leaves the gap between the leaders almost intact at 16.7 points. In November, the gap stood at 16.9 points. 

Last month, both leaders registered increases, a possible reflection of their performances after the budget. 

Since September, the month-on-month fluctuations in trust for both leaders have mirrored each other – both have seen their trust dip together and increase together in the same month. This suggests that voters are settling down and trust levels could be plateauing. 

The good news for Grech is that he has managed to retain trust levels above the 30% mark, something his predecessor never managed to achieve but the bad news is that he appears to have lost the upward momentum. 

The ratings continue to give Abela a comfortable advantage but his fluctuations are bigger than his rival’s, suggesting that support could be fickler for the Prime Minister.

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