MaltaToday Survey out tomorrow: what do the people say about Muscat

What do the people think about Joseph Muscat’s ‘terms’ for his resignation?

Not quite gone...
Not quite gone...

MaltaToday on Sunday publishes a survey tomorrow in which it asks respondents of their views on Joseph Muscat’s exit.

Respondents were asked whether they agreed with Muscat’s ‘terms’ for his resignation, or whether they expected him to resign forthwith.

The answers will be broken down by voting allegiance, revealing interesting patterns about both Labour and Nationalist voters and how they view Muscat’s departure.

The survey also polled the state of the political parties if an election were held today.

More importantly the survey looks at the trust ratings between potential new Labour leaders and PN leader Adrian Delia.

The full survey will be published in tomorrow’s MaltaToday printed edition.

Joseph Muscat’s trust rating slipped by almost four points despite presiding over a budget that received high ratings, the November MaltaToday trust barometer showed. Opposition leader Adrian Delia on the other hand gained five points.

The Prime Minister last enjoyed a trust rating of 50.5% and the Opposition leader a rating of 21.3%. READ ALSO: Muscat slips, Delia gains as migrant riot dampens budget impact