German MEP at PN mass meeting: ‘Malta needs change, it needs Simon Busuttil’

Marlene Farrugia says PN-PD coalition will ensure stability: 'The last stable Labour government was in 1976'

German MEP and EPP chairman Manfred Weber addresses a PN mass meeting. Photo: James Bianchi
German MEP and EPP chairman Manfred Weber addresses a PN mass meeting. Photo: James Bianchi

German MEP Manfred Weber has urged the Maltese public to vote for Simon Busuttil as their new prime minister, telling a Nationalist Party mass meeting in Sliema yesterday that “the future of Europe is without corruption”.

“When I look in your eyes and smell the atmosphere here, it smells and looks like change,” Weber – the chairman of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament said. “Malta needs change, it needs a new government and it needs Simon Busuttil. I know Busuttil as an honest man, a man of integrity, a true friend and a true leader.”

He said the EPP is following closely the Panama Papers scandal and the recent political developments in Malta.

“It was scandalous that minister Konrad Mizzi has been entrusted to chair the EU energy council and we consider that to be an embarrassment for Europe, we have taken note as to how Keith Schembri disrespected the European Parliament and democracy itself [by turning down an invitation to the Pana committee].

“This behaviour is not Malta, this corruption is not Malta, Joseph Muscat is not Malta. Malta deserves a better future; you will be the future of Malta.

“Your vote isn’t only for the future of Malta, but for the future of Europe, and the future of Europe is without corruption. Europe isn’t perfect but, when compared to other countries like the USA, we know how good the European way of life is.”

He added that the fall of the Labour Party will follow in the wake of the fall of socialist parties all across Europe.

“The socialists are dead in France, they are practically dead in the UK, and they are not doing so well in Germany either.”

‘The most corrupt government in Malta’s history’ – Fenech Adami

PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami delivered a rousing speech, accusing Joseph Muscat of betraying the public by promising transparency and meritocracy, and instead delivering “the most corrupt government in Malta’s history”.

He said that Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri privatised Enemalta, purchased the LNG tanker, privatised three hospitals, and visited Azerbaijan to get rich off the public purse.

“Muscat kept them where they are and closed his eyes to corruption. Those who close their eyes to corruption are also corrupt.

He also mocked Muscat for his recent statement that he received warnings from foreign secret services that Russia might be trying to meddle in the Maltese general election.

“He must be living on another planet to think that Vladimir Putin is having sleepless nights plotting on how to remove him from power.”

‘Muscat can feel his grip on power slipping’ – De Marco

Fellow PN deputy leader Mario de Marco said that Joseph Muscat called a snap election because he saw his government drowning in corruption and hoped he could catch the PN off guard.

“He was worried because his plan to spend ten years in government was going haywire, and he could see that his movement was collapsing,” he said. “He didn’t call an election in the national interest, but in his own personal interest.”

He said that Muscat had expected to catch the PN off guard, but that the party had surprised him and proved that it had used its four years in Opposition to rebuild itself into a party that gives a voice to workers, pensioners, environmentalists, youths, and “to everyone who wants to live in a normal country in which the rule of law and not the law of the jungle reigns”

“If there is anyone detached from reality and who has lost all sense of reason, it is Joseph Muscat who can feel the power slipping from his hands,” he said. “He has now embarked on a campaign of lies and has ended up pointing fingers at everyone – from Russian spies to the judiciary – except at himself.”

He warned that financial services practitioners are scared that their entire industry could collapse if Labour wins the election, because Muscat has tarnished Malta’s reputation and the country’s institutions have failed to react to corruption.

“If this industry collapses, then it will have a domino effect on other economic sectors.

‘PN-PD coalition only option for a stable government’ – Marlene Farrugia

Partit Demokratiku leader Marlene Farrugia dismissed Muscat’s warnings that the PN-PD coalition will lead an unstable government.

“Muscat warns that we will be an instable government, but we havent seen a stable Labour government since 1976,” she said. “If you want stability, then you must choose the National Force composed of the PN, the PD and everyone to whom the national interest comes first.”

She hailed Simon Busuttil as a “Maltese hero” for taking on the hard task of leading the PN after its major 2013 defeat and for opening his arms to people of all political beliefs including her own Partit Demokratiku.

Farrugia also claimed that Labour can’t stomach the fact that she, as a woman, is in a position of political power.

”For them, women are only fit to serve men. This is the moment for women, and I urge you to vote for the National Force led by a rock like Simon Busuttil and a woman like yourselves.”