PN pledges dedicated TV station for sports if elected to government

A Nationalist Party government would build a futsal arena and will fulfill government's promise on building a motorsports tack in Ħal Far

A Nationalist Party in government would set up a dedicated television station with full-time local sports coverage to help strengthen the sports sector in Malta.

During a press conference on Saturday, PN candidates Graham Bencini and Christian Micallef laid out the party's proposals on sports.

Among the proposals, the Nationalist Party is pledging to open a new national television station with exclusive sports coverage. It would broadcast sports events from every discipline under the running of the state broadcaster.

"This station would broadcast sports exclusively and promote sporting activities in Malta, as well as the work of all sports institutions in Malta," Micallef explained.

The party is pledging four structural investments in the sports industry. These include a dedicated campus for sports innovation, an indoor sports centre, a futsal arena, and a motorsports track at Ħal Far.

In addition to these, a Nationalist Party government would set up a dedicated ministry for sports.

The party is also pledging a raft of tax credits and grants to support the sector financially. Sports nurseries will be given a €500 grant for each boy or girl under 18 years of age that is enrolled in a structured sports program.

However, the nursery or academy in question needs to conform with the party's environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) to be eligible for this grant.

Players, athletes and coaches would benefit from a 5% tax rate on the first €80,000 earned in the year.

During the press conference, Bencini said that the Nationalist Party would offer a maximum 50% tax credit for companies and individuals that sponsor a club or sports association.

The party would introduce another tax credit for athletes that need to take leave from work to participate in international games. He explained that government would carry the financial burden of the leave taken through the tax credit. 

Another proposal already announced by the party include a €300 grant per year for parents of students under 18 that are enrolled in an extracurricular sports programme.

Financial assistance will also be provided to clubs and sports organisations to travel abroad for international games.