Graffitti asks 5th District candidates to state position on Wied Żnuber model aircraft airstrip

Moviment Graffitti has emailed candidates contesting the 5th District, asking them to declare their position on a proposed miniature airstrip for model aircraft at Wied Żnuber

On 5 March, residents, farmers and activists held a protest against the development
On 5 March, residents, farmers and activists held a protest against the development

Moviment Graffitti is asking candidates contesting the 5th District to declare their position on a proposal to construct an airstrip for model aircraft at Wied Żnuber. 

The NGO said that candidates from the Labour Party, Nationalist Party and ADPD have received a joint email from the Birżebbuġa History and Culture Association, Moviment Graffitti, BirdLife Malta and Din l-Art Ħelwa explaining the threat Wied Żnuber faces by the project.

The proposal, for which no planning application has been filed yet, will see a stretch of land by Wied Żnuber valley at the Ħal Far industrial estate being transformed into a concrete platform for use by model aircraft enthusiasts. The airstrip will be close to the cliffs in the area.

“The message highlights the ecological, agricultural and historical importance of the site and how this project will threaten the surroundings with continuous light and noise pollution,” Moviment Graffitti said.

The NGO said the area earmarked for development into an airstrip is currently an Indis Malta Ltd site. Indis Malta is a government agency that manages industrial estates.

“With a week and a half to go before the general election, these organisations are asking to know if candidates agree with the residents and associations’ request that the area becomes a designated ODZ to secure its future as undeveloped land,” Graffitti said.

The miniature airstrip was announced last month during the signing of an agreement between the government agency Indis and the Hal Far Model Flying Association.

Residents, the local council and other stakeholders have not been consulted on these plans, details of which are being kept secret, Graffitti said.

The replies from the candidates will be published early next week, the organisation said.

Meanwhile, PN candidate Stanley Zammit, running on the 5th District, has publically declared that he has always been against the project and thinks the area should be made ODZ. 

Indis Malta had defended the project, insisting the site already formed part of the industrial estate and could potentially be developed into factory. It said the creation of a model flying airstrip would leave 75% of the identified land free from construction.

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