Doctors for Choice slam Grech’s ‘stigmatising language’ on abortion

Reacting to PN leader Bernard Grech’s interview with MaltaToday, Doctors for Choice say PN leader has ‘no idea what abortion actually is’

Malta’s pro-choice doctors at a rally for supporters of pro choice campaigners
Malta’s pro-choice doctors at a rally for supporters of pro choice campaigners

Doctors for Choice have slammed Opposition leader Bernard Grech for his “stigmatising language” when speaking on abortion.

“It is sad to read how Bernard Grech, who aspires to be the next Prime Minister, can get it so wrong on the subject of abortion - a procedure that each year hundreds of Maltese people go through,” the pro-choice lobby said.

Doctors for Choice were referring to comments made by Grech in an interview on MaltaToday’s Sunday print edition.

The Nationalist leader was asked whether the PN’s future lies in becoming “a true Europeanist centre, centre-right party” given European Parliament President Roberta Metsola’s recent comments that she will represent the 'majority voice' on abortion.

Grech said he will allow a wider discussion on abortion, but the PN will not campaign for its legalisation.

“Being against abortion does not mean one is not ‘modern’. Look we started talking about hunting... if you shoot a bird, then you are against the environment; and if you kill a baby, you are antiquated,” Grech said. “To me it’s the baby’s life that is privileged. It is a defenceless person. As a human being, I have the obligation to defend that life.”

Doctors for Choice said the PN leader “has no idea what abortion actually is.”

“Abortion does not "kill a baby" but it ends a pregnancy before a baby develops. Ask any of the hundreds of women who use abortion pills at home in early pregnancy and none will tell you they saw a baby come out,” it said.

They also found issue with Grech comparing abortion to hunting.

“The comparison of abortion to hunting is simply stupid. Certain species are protected because they are endangered due to declining numbers. The human race is not endangered in this way. Also, abortion is not done needlessly - there is always a reason why a person who is pregnant decides to terminate a pregnancy,” the post read.