[WATCH] Robert Abela: 'I have complete faith in the electoral commission'

Prime Minister says full confidence in Electoral Commission after Nationalist Party files for injunction to nullify vote held at the Corradino Correctional Facility 

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela has said he has full confidence in the Electoral Commission and the courts, adding that he hoped the PN would “respect the democratic process.”

Abela was speaking to journalists after a debate facing off PN leader Bernard Grech on Wednesday morning.

“The electoral process falls under the responsibility of the Electoral Commission, which includes people from both parties. I have complete faith in the electoral process,” Abela said.

On Tuesday, the PN filed a Constitutional case after the Electoral Commission refused the party’s request to annul the early voting that was held at the Corradino Correctional Facility. The party asked for a new voting session to take place.

The PN made the request after it was revealed that the prisoners who were not eligible to vote were allowed to vote because their names were still included in the electoral database.

The party is asking the court to annul the took place at the Corradino Correctional Facility and order a new election to take place.

The PM said there was now a court process both through a warrant of prohibitory injunction and a request before the Constitutional court. “I hope the PN will respect the democratic process,” Abela said.

Abela added that the government has always respected institutions’ decisions and has strengthened them over the past two years.