Alfred Sant submits MEP nomination, says it will be his last campaign

The former Prime Minister said he was contesting the European elections after being convinced that the country needed “all hands on deck” at the European Parliament

Alfred Sant said it would be his last election campaign
Alfred Sant said it would be his last election campaign

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant this morning submitted his nomination for next May’s MEP elections, saying it would be the last election he contested.

“This will be my last political campaign,” Sant said after presenting his nomination.

He said he was running for re-election because he was convinced the country needed all hands on deck to achieve two important targets at the European Parliament.

“We must counter with truth the mudslinging campaign at the European Parliament,” Sant said, adding that this had been actively aided by “local political forces aimed at tarnishing Malta’s reputation in Europe and elsewhere”.

“Secondly, we will work incessantly to create a social conscience in Europe and to give our utmost to eradicate inequalities across the continent.”

To reach these goals, he said the party needed to mobilize all its “commitment, eagerness, resolve, information and experience, through this campaign.

“Should the Maltese and Gotizan electorate give me a vote of confidence in the May elections, these qualities will guide me during the next mandate of the European Parliament.”

Sant thanked Alison Zerafa Civelli, Equality Minister Helena Dalli, Christian Zammit and former minister Joe Debono Grech for endorsing his nomination.

He also noted that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had urged him to contest to elections once again.

“Malta needs Alfred Sant. Alfred has the experience and the vision to represent Malta at the European Parliament. We cannot afford to lose his presence at the European Parliament. I believe that his contribution towards the well being of Malta is invaluable. Alfred doesn’t need endorsements, he doesn’t need anyone to speak about his qualities. I followed his interventions at the European Parliament to defend Malta, to defend me personally, to defend the Labour Party and above all to defend Malta. I wish him many more years of work because Malta needs him,”Muscat had said at Sant’s campaign launch.   

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