Democratic Party will be allowed to have orange colour on ballot sheet

The Electoral Commission accepted the PD’s request despite objections by the Labour Party

Democratic Party (PD) candidates will be listed in orange on ballot sheets for the upcoming European Parliament and local council elections, the party said on Thursday.

It said that after lodging a request with the commission for it to be assigned the orange colour, an objection was filed by the Labour Party, which argued that the colour could be confused with its own red colour.

“PD has been known as Tal-Oranġjo since its foundation. Orange was registered as its official colour and today forms part of its identity,” the party said.

“In fact, many are those who know the party as Tal-Oranġjo, rather than as Partit Demokratiku. Orange was even adopted by Parliament’s website, to represent PD MP’s and other matters pertaining to the party.”

PD said that the Labour Party had persisted in its objection, “even after, in a spirit of compromise, PD accepted to be represented by a shade of orange other than its own”.

“This colour is clearly distinct from red and confusing one with the other is inconceivable. It is also worth mentioning that there are other features in the ballot paper that distinguish one party from the other,” the PD said.

Moreover, the party noted that according to Article 7 of the country’s electoral law, the assignment of colours to the various parties is at the Electoral Commission’s discretion.

“PD therefore appreciates that its arguments were taken into consideration and thanks the Commission for accepting its request,” it said.

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