[WATCH] Muscat blasts PN for not committing to supporting Malta’s EC nominee

Joseph Muscat calls out PN MEPs for refusing to commit to supporting Malta’s nominee to the next European Commission

Muscat said that during his time at the European Parliament he had always supported his compatriots, irrespective of their political background
Muscat said that during his time at the European Parliament he had always supported his compatriots, irrespective of their political background

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that it was “shameful’ for the Nationalist Party’s candidates for the European Parliament elections not to commit to supporting the Maltese nomination for European Commissioner.   

“It is shameful how the PN’s candidates don’t want to commit themselves to standing shoulder to shoulder with the remainder of the country when it is time for us to nominate our next European Commissioner,” Muscat said on Friday.

Speaking at a political activity in Zurrieq, Muscat again accused the PN’s MEPs during the last legislature of refusing to work in favour of the country.  

“I was at the European Parliament when [former Commissioner] Joe Borg was nominated. I voted for him, and I have no problem saying so because he is Maltese like me, therefore I felt I needed to help him,” Muscat said.

The same had happened on other occasions, he continued, including the nomination of [former Commissioner] John Dalli, who Labour MEPs had also worked to help when he was nominated.

“I also remember when Lawrence Gonzi called me up and said he would be nominating Tonio Borg…I told him there and then, Prime Minister, don’t worry, it is your choice but you will find us shoulder to shoulder with you to help the person you choose, and that is what we did.”

However, in recent years, Muscat said the country had witnessed a situation where the PN’s MEPs had no trouble working against Malta’s nominee and the country.

“The Maltese and Gozitan people have already given a clear message that they are fed up of the politics of division,” he said, stressing that people didn’t want to see politics get in way of people’s relationships.  

The PN, he said, had its back against the wall and was trying to use hatred, lies and fear instead of being constructive.

With regards, a proposed debate on Xarabank, which Muscat refused to participate in, the Prime Minister said that at the start of the campaign there had been an agreement that the two leaders would have two debates.

“At the begging of the campaign it was clear that me and the Opposition leader would have two debates. We had one in the beginning of the campaign and this Wednesday we will have another one,” Muscat said.

“This week he decided, maybe he slept badly I don't know, but he decided that he wants to debate today as well. I hope he can calm down and keep his arguments and use them on Wednesday.”

This, he said, was what happens when one lacks a plan. "You start the week making up an issue about abortion, and end it with an issue about a debate."

The Prime Minister noted that some 52,000 votes remained uncollected and urged those present to go and vote in order to show the PN that they did not believe in division, but rather wanted to see a united country.