Carmel Cacopardo points finger at Norman Lowell for sowing hate

Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson says the blood shed over the past few months is the result of the hate against black people sown years ago

Carmel Cacopardo
Carmel Cacopardo

There were no ifs or buts as Carmel Cacopardo accused Imperium Europa’s Norman Lowell of sowing hate against black people during a Broadcasting Authority debate.

The Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson on Monday evening unmasked Lowell’s tame and scripted reference to the dangers of immigration, which included a pot shot at MaltaToday.

Cacopardo pointed out that among those sitting around the table it was only Lowell who was found guilty by the court of inciting racial hatred.

“I have heard you on television saying that black people have a low IQ; that they are good for nothing or that their boat should be sunk at sea,” Cacopardo said, as he addressed Lowell.

What happened over the past few months was the result of the hatred that has been sowed over many years, Cacopardo warned.

The debate was a six-way affair between the leaders of the minor parties. Apart from Cacopardo and Lowell, the debate included Henry Battistino for the Maltese Patriots Movement, Godfrey Farrugia for the Democratic Party, Antoine Borg for Brain Not Ego and Ivan Grech Mintoff for Alleanza Bidla.

Lowell accused the Prime Minister of nonsense when he hit out at him last Saturday in the aftermath of the charges filed against two soldiers, who stand accused of a racially-motivated murder.

Lowell said the two soldiers had never attended an Imperium Europa event and never used their Facebook to carry or like Imperium Europa messages. “On the contrary, they liked your message on Facebook, Prime Minister,” Lowell said.

In a strong speech last Saturday in Gozo, Muscat made an an indirect reference to Norman Lowell and those who support him when speaking about the culture of hate that had led two people to think it was normal to kill someone "for kicks". The Prime Minister said everyone was to blame, including those who “changed the TV channel to watch him for fun” and those who continue to fan the fire by speaking against foreigners.

On Monday, Lowell also accused MaltaToday of lying about him without elaborating.

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