‘Look at substance, not spin’, Michael Briguglio says with 71 electoral pledges

The PN MEP candidate says his 25 years of activism, including successful EU membership and divorce campaigns, give him credentials needed to represent Malta in Europe

PN MEP candidate Michael Briguglio has promised to stay true to his 25 years of activism if elected to the European Parliament
PN MEP candidate Michael Briguglio has promised to stay true to his 25 years of activism if elected to the European Parliament

Michael Briguglio has promised to stay true to his 25 years of activism if he makes it to the European Parliament.

The Nationalist MEP hopeful urged voters to “look at substance, not spin” and to choose the candidates who can best fight for the people’s interest, without being in anyone’s pockets.

Briguglio made a list of 71 proposals - which he said he is committed to putting into effect if elected - including pledging to remain free from behind-the-scene donors, to voice concerns of people of all ages and genders, and to push for climate action to become a mainstream aspect of policy making.

“Politics should be the endeavour to build a better society, a better environment, a better world. This requires action, policy making and implementation, where people and communities are prime protagonists,” Briguglio said in a press statement on Thursday, “During the past 25 years I have always done my utmost to be active and constructive for change, and I wish that these elections prove to be an opportunity to continue this mission.”

“By now you are probably tired of freebies, electoral gimmicks and slogans which do not translate to concrete policy proposals. You may be asking if legislation on electoral finance and data protection is actually being observed. You may wish that the politicians asking for your vote are always active on the ground, or wondering whether their activism simply depends on electoral appointments.”

He said that as a PN candidate, he is committed to the party’s electoral manifesto, which was written and approved through its democratic structures and which has clear commitment on identity, solidarity and wellbeing. “It speaks about a society that cares and has concrete proposals on decent wages, quality education, public healthcare, environment, quality of life, migration, governance, human rights and democracy.”

In his statement, Briguglio highlighted the following commitments as being amongst the most important of his 71 pledges:

  • To remain free from behind-the-scenes donors.
  • To voice concerns of people of all ages - children, youth & elderly - and all genders.
  • Better monitoring and action against precarious work including through an EU online portal that registers jobs in all EU countries to ensure they comply with national legislation.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments should take account of cumulative impacts on localities.
  • Climate action must be mainstreamed in all aspects of policy making.
  • Stepping up the monitoring of environmental directives.
  • A shift to cleaner transport.
  • The EU must acknowledge the economic vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities of small islands. I will work to ensure that the realities of industry in small islands are accounted for.
  • Stronger workers’ and pensioners’ rights across the bloc.
  • The declaration of a European Day for Grandparents to enhance appreciation for their work.

“During these 25 years I have been a key activist in various successful campaigns: EU membership, defending agricultural land from unsustainable development, keeping stipends in place, the introduction of divorce and LGBTIQ rights, stopping various unsustainable development proposals and organising the biggest civil society demonstrations in recent Maltese history: the call to defend Żonqor from development and the call for justice following Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination,” Briguglio emphasised.

“If elected in the European Parliament I promise to keep this activism alive and act as a bridge between the people and the European institutions. The choice is yours,” he added.

Briguglio’s full list of pledges and commitments can be accessed here.

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