'Decisive moment for EU’s future', Busuttil says on refugee crisis

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says no country can overcome this challenge on its own

'Decisive moment for EU's future' - Simon Busuttil

Finding a solution to the refugee crisis is a test for the European Union if it believes in the sharing of responsibility, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said today.

Speaking from Brussels where he attended the European People’s Party Summit ahead of an informal meeting of EU leaders, Busuttil said he hoped Member States finally take the decisions it should have taken a long time ago.

“Responsibility must be shared,” the PN leader said.

He said that what was once considered as a Maltese problem has become a challenge for all member states.

“Everyone is now realising that the influx of refugees is a challenge that must be addressed by all. No country, irrespective of its size, can overcome it on its own. This is also a crucial moment for the future of the EU: we’re either in it all together or everyone on their own.”

European Commission president Jean-Claude Junker, Council of Europe president Donald Tusk, EPP president Joseph Daul, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy also attended the EPP summit.

“I hope that every leader will understand their responsibilities in this situation as this challenge can only be overcome through a unified approach,” Busuttil said ahead of the EPP meeting.

The EPP leaders have adopted a common position paper on the current refugee crisis in Europe.

“This is a European challenge. We need a European solution. We will only be able to tackle this challenge together. The security of the people of Europe is our first duty. This is why the EPP leaders have today adopted a common position paper which proposes to tackle the root causes of the crisis, reinforce the external borders of the EU, create processing centers in frontline Member States and fight against human traffickers,” said EPP President Joseph Daul upon the adoption of the EPP leaders’ common position paper.

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