Casa takes unkindly to Swedish socialist’s ‘scolding’ on Panama question

Nationalist MEP was told off during committee meeting on employment for raising Panama Papers question: ‘We’re not here to focus on Malta’ • Casa accuses chair of ‘breaking all parliamentary rules’

PN MEP David Casa
PN MEP David Casa

Nationalist MEP David Casa was chided by the chair of a European Parliament committee, when once again he opted to dedicate his brief intervention to Panama Papers and “Malta’s corrupt government”.

The Nationalist MEPs have taken it upon themselves to challenge Maltese ministers on Panama Papers every time they appear before a European Parliament committee to present the Maltese presidency priorities.

According to the Nationalist delegation, Malta’s Presidency was being overshadowed by revelations that minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri held offshore accounts.

So once again this morning, whilst Ministers Evarist Bartolo, Michael Farrugia and Helena Dalli appeared before the EPSCO committee, Casa took the opportunity to tell the committee that Malta was being led by the “most corrupt government” in history.

But Casa’s question did not go down well with Swedish MEP Marita Ulvskog, who was chairing the committee. Ulvskog is an S&D MEP.

“We are here to focus on Europe, not on Malta,” Ulvskog said.

German MEP Jutta Steinsruck, also of the S&D political grouping, said she could not fathom how Casa was disinterested in discussing social justice and working for a more social Europe.

“This sort of skepticism has become a regular occurrence in the European Parliament,” she said, referring to Casa’s repeated questions on local politics.

Casa did not take lightly to Ulvksog’s dismissal, and issued a press statement accusing her of “breaking all parliamentary rules”.

Casa still found the support of EPP MEPs and that of European liberal MEP Martina Dlabajova.

“In a vote of confidence against one of your colleagues whose name was made public through the panama papers, you voted in favour of the minister and against the will of the people. How can we trust that you will put the citizens needs first during this presidency?"

EPP MEP Sven Schulze said: “One of the biggest promises I hear coming out of Malta is that your government has promised to publish all contracts. This so far has not happened after many requests. Do you think this is fair on the Maltese citizens?”

Another EPP MEP, Sofia Ribeiro, commented: “The European Parliament Committee meetings about the Maltese Presidency priorities have so far been overshadowed by questions about corruption in Malta. Can you tell us something about this?”

Casa, head of the PN delegation, reiterated: “This Maltese Presidency of the EU Council is being undermined by widespread corruption in Malta. Yesterday, Transparency International confirmed that this is the most corrupt government in the history of Malta.”

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