Theresa May expected in Malta on Friday for informal summit of EU leaders

Socialist leaders meeting at Mile End to prepare for informal summit • UK Prime Minister Theresa May to attend first session of Friday's informal summit in Malta

This is the first time that Theresa May will be visiting Malta as the leader of the United Kingdom
This is the first time that Theresa May will be visiting Malta as the leader of the United Kingdom

As the 28 leaders of the European Union prepare to discuss “the external dimension of migration”, the socialist leaders will be meeting at the Labour Party’s headquarters in Hamrun for the pre-summit preparation meeting.

According to the Party of European Socialists, the leaders will be discussing the challenges of migration and the future of Europe: this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

The meeting will be held immediately before the informal meeting of the EU heads of state, taking place at the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May – whose country is still waiting to trigger Article 50 to officially kickstart Brexit negotiations – will also be attending the first part of the Malta meeting.

This is the first time that May is visiting Malta since taking office in July 2016.

“In the morning, the 28 EU heads of state of government will address the external dimension of migration. They are expected to focus their discussions on the Central Mediterranean route and Libya,” according to a draft agenda of the informal summit.

The afternoon session – which sources confirmed will not include the UK Prime Minister – will serve as an occasion for the 27 leaders to prepare for the upcoming 60th anniversary. Brussels is taking the anniversary as an opportunity to reflect “on the future of the EU”, which has been shaken to its core with the UK’s decision to leave the bloc.

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