Energy ministers agree on revised directives for energy efficiency, buildings performance

Maltese presidency of the EU’s energy council secures two agreements targeting directives on energy efficiency and the energy performance of buildings

Energy Minister Joe Mizzi in Luxembourg, as the chair of the Energy Council (Photo: EU2017MT)
Energy Minister Joe Mizzi in Luxembourg, as the chair of the Energy Council (Photo: EU2017MT)

EU energy ministers have reached an agreement on two proposals for the revision of energy efficiency and the energy performance buildings, allowing the start of negotiations with the European Parliament under the Estonian presidency.

With the two agreements reached today, the Maltese presidency has secured all targets set out in January in the energy sector.

In Luxembourg as chair of the Energy Council, Energy Minister Joe Mizzi expressed his satisfaction at the results.

"We are extremely pleased that we have been able to reach an agreement on this important legislation, which was a priority of our Presidency . Energy efficiency is a crucial element for Europe's successful energy transition. It will allow us to move forward on the implementation of the Clean Energy Package,” Mizzi said on the energy efficiency package.

The main objective of the proposed directive is to improve the existing provisions and to increase energy efficiency in order to ensure that the European Union's 2020 headline targets and 2030 climate and energy goals are met.

The second agreement strives to promote energy efficiency in buildings and to support cost-effective building renovation with a view to the long-term goal of decarbonising the highly inefficient existing European building stock.

This will also be a major contribution to reaching the EU's 2020 and 2030 energy efficiency targets.

In particular, the proposal requires member states to establish long-term renovation strategies, addressing also energy poverty. It strengthens the links between energy efficiency policy and financing.

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