Miriam Dalli appointed European Parliament rapporteur on EU migration fund

The fund will be governing the financing of measures on asylum and migration between 2021 and 2027

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli has been appointed as the European Parliament’s rapporteur on the Regulation establishing the Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF). 

The fund will govern the financing in the area of asylum and migration during the period 2021-2027 and is intended to support member states’ efforts in these areas.

The European Commission has more than doubled the allocation of funds for addressing migration to €10.4 billion in the forthcoming budget, in response to growing concerns by member states.

Miriam Dalli as the EP rapporteur said she wanted to ensure that the allocation of funds strengthened solidarity amongst the member states, will also allowing for dignified returns and presenting a pragmatic approach to the granting of international protection.

“As they remain the most affected by migrant arrivals, strong and effective measures are required for the Member States on the periphery of the EU,” Dalli said in reaction to her appointment.

She insisted that the allocation of the funds should be as flexible as possible, in order to guarantee that it is in line with member states’ needs.

“The application of the funds should remain relevant to the situation on the ground,” she said, adding that a balance between the various objectives of the fund should be struck.

The Labour MEP highlighted the need to strive for a reduction in the administrative burdens and to allow for a swift allocation of funds. This should be coupled with measures that ensure transparency, Dalli insisted.

“I look forward to work on this proposal in order to ensure that EU member states have the right tools to adequately address migration from all aspects. This Fund needs to ensure that the EU migration policy is robust, realistic and fair for all, whilst making sure that the EU countries fulfil their obligations both towards people in need of international protection and at the same time make sure that they facilitate the return of persons who have no right to stay in the EU countries. It is important to support solutions that replace irregular and unmanaged flows with well-managed movement. Only a comprehensive migration management will deliver sustainable results,” Dalli concluded.

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