Resolving the gender pay gap in Malta lies in setting out a long-term plan – Miriam Dalli

The Labour MEP said that examining the factors which contribute to the discrepancies should be the basis to addressing the pay gap 

Miriam Dalli addressing a Q&A
Miriam Dalli addressing a Q&A

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli has said that a long-term plan with specific measures can resolve the gender pay gap in Malta.

Speaking during a Q&A event in Zejtun, Dalli recalled the Government’s initiatives which began to address the gender pay gap, such as free child care services and Klabb 3-16

According to recent statistics issued by Eurostat, the gender pay gap - in Malta stands at 11%.

“A detailed study examining the factors that are contributing to discrepancies between wages paid to men and women should be the basis of a plan to address the gender pay gap,” Dalli said

During the event, Dalli said that are various factors which contribute to the discrepancy in wages between man and women, including hours of work and family responsibilities. 

“There isn’t any one solution to reduce gender pay gap. It is important to work on a long-term plan to address all obstacles that are contributing to such inequality,” Dalli said. 

“This is not an issue of women alone. In the end, if women earn the same wages as men for doing the same job, the whole family will benefit,” she added. 

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