Malta’s focus needs to shift from economic growth to quality of life, Miriam Dalli says

The Labour MEP said the country must ensure that youngsters are equipped to thrive in the jobs market of the future

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli

With Malta enjoying high levels of economic growth, the next step is to ensure that youngsters are being well prepared for the jobs that will await them over the next 15 years, according to Labour MEP Miriam Dalli.

Addressing a political activity in Hamrun, the Labour MEP referred to a report recently issued by the International Monetary Fund on economic growth in Malta.

“Whilst the IMF is warning of a global downturn, its forecasts for Malta’s economic growth are positive,” Dalli said.

She added that this was a direct result of the government’s long-term plan to “reduce the burdens” felt by families and businesses in order to attract investment and to encourage more people to join the workforce.

“It is time to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s economy: by improving human resources, investing in education and preparing our students for the jobs of tomorrow,” she said.

Dalli referred to the IMF report that emphasised the need to continue strengthening the vocational and training system in order to help Malta’s skills gap. Further investment in research and development and promoting innovative measures to help SMEs were also important, she said.

Dalli noted that the nature of jobs is changing and would continue to do so, placing the onus to anticipate these changes and act on politicians. She argued that in a globalised world, instability or a change in one country can negatively impact others.

“This government is already leading the way in certain sectors and this is the mentality that we need to champion.”

Asked about her priorities Dalli emphasised that now that Malta was enjoying a strong economy, a better quality of life for everyone should be ensured.

“This is the level that we need to aim for to continue progressing and regenerating as a country. Even through the representatives in the European Parliament, we must work for the good of our country and not for partisan interests.”

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