Muscat plays favourites and calls Miriam Dalli ‘best MEP in the last five years’

The Prime Minister thanked the Labour MEP for ‘defending Malta against partisan interests’ as she launched her campaign to be re-elected to the European Parliament 

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Miriam Dalli had been Malta's best MEP over the last five years
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Miriam Dalli had been Malta's best MEP over the last five years

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli was Malta’s best MEP over the last five years, according to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Muscat was speaking at the launch of Dalli’s election campaign last night where he said that she had always been there, making solid arguments whenever Malta was being unfairly targeted.

In a statement, Dalli said that she will aim to continue “building on five years of making Malta a priority throughout her work”.  

“To cut a long story short, Miriam Dalli was the best MEP in the last five years. She worked hard and persons like Louis [Grech] and myself know this very well because we understand the context she worked in,” Muscat was quoted saying.

“As a party we have faced an unprecedented situation where we were faced with situations of unjust criticism and a situation of someone trying to distort the games just because they’re not playing.

“I can openly say that Miriam was always there, together with her colleagues Alfred Sant and Marlene Mizzi.”

Muscat thanked Dalli for her work defending Malta against partisan interests.

Referring to the theme of her campaign – Taking Malta to the next level – Muscat said this meant working harder and doing more for the country.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech said Dalli had worked “strongly and impressively” on matters that impact European citizens, “whilst never forgetting that Malta was her priority”.

“Miriam had the courage to work on controversial issues. Matters which she knew are of benefit to citizens but which are also controversial with strong lobby groups. I know from my own experience that this is not easy to tackle,” Grech added.

“Her quality work was carried out with discipline, commitment and energy on several other issues as well. Miriam had the ability to form connections and networks to push forward her position, and that Malta, within the S&D political group as well as beyond.”

The event was also addressed by sociologist Maria Brown, who described Miriam Dalli as woman who fights stereotypes.