Miriam Dalli wants EU with a 'strong voice' in the fight against climate change

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli will form part of the European Parliament's delegation at the climate action summit in New York

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli

In the fight against climate change, the European Union must be a "strong voice with an ambitious programme," Labour MEP Miriam Dalli said.

Dalli warned that weak EU commitments to tackle the climate emergency could undermine "communities, industries, economies, youth and children".

"We need the EU to be a strong voice that is not afraid of putting forward an ambitious programme and plan of action," Dalli said, adding that these programmes should focus on the transition and changes needed by providing the necessary financial measures and policies that address all sectors.

Dalli will be attending the climate action summit in New York as a member of the European Parliament’s delegation.

During Tuesday’s session of the European Parliament, Dalli insisted that "climate change is a global emergency requiring global solutions".

However, she insisted that strong EU leadership was needed to push for the required change, while supporting the most vulnerable countries.

She explained that, as things stand today, the Paris Agreement’s targets would not be met. Immediate action is needed, based on the vision of an industry that is carbon neutral, she added.

"We must have clear decarbonisation strategies by the different sectors like transport, buildings, industry and energy amongst others. It is European leadership that can speed up global action to tackle this climate emergency," she said.

The Labour MEP had piloted EU rules in the previous legislature that would see CO2 emissions from new cars cut by 37% by 2030. The new regulations will apply to all EU member states and come into force next January.