Far-right’s electoral performance ‘worrying and preoccupying’ – Cassola

Alternattiva Demokratika garner 2.8% of the votes, up by 0.46% from the previous MEP elections - but far-right could have polled more votes than the Green Party

Alternattiva Demokratika has polled 2.8% of the votes, Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson Arnold Cassola declared today at the Naxxar counting hall, where the Green Party leader claimed that smaller parties Alleanza Bidla, Alleanza Liberali, far-right party Imperium Europa and Partit tal-Ajkla, garnered 3.5% of the votes.

The initial estimates suggest that AD garnered 0.46% more votes than it did in the previous parliamentary elections in 2009.

Initial estimates suggest that Imperium Europa could have garnered an equal number or more votes than the AD – a “worrying” scenario for Cassola, who dubbed the far-rightists’ electoral performance as “preoccupying” and “bad” for all the country.

Arnold Cassola nevertheless argued that most of the voters did not intend on voting for the far-right over their affinity with extremist policies, but conversely because of their “concerns” on migration and work.

“Most voters who voted for the far right mostly did so because they feel threatened by migrants in Malta and believed their jobs are in jeopardy. This further proves the need for the government to implement a holistic approach on job creation and a national immigration policy.”

Cassola inevitably explained that he would have been more satisfied had AD garnered greater votes. Asked whether this electoral result put his chairmanship in doubt, Cassola insisted that he has a mandate until October and that he intends to see it out. "It will be the AGM who will decide on my mandate."

The AD chairperson said that he was proud that his party had focussed its electoral campaign on European issues, as opposed to the PN and the Labour Party which focused their respective campaign on national issues.