President George Vella denies being part of group against civil rights, insists his views against abortion have always been clear

President George Vella says accusations made by pro-choice coalition Voice For Choice are 'baseless'

President George Vella
President George Vella

President George Vella has denied being part of a group that worked against civil rights such as divorce, IVF and LBGTIQ issues.

He was reacting to the Maltese pro-choice coalition Voice For Choice, who lambasted Vella’s decision to address an anti-abortion manifestation in February.

“In doing so he [Vella] is sharing a podium with individuals and organisations who have strongly opposed, and still actively oppose, a whole plethora of hard-earned civil rights including the right to divorce, the right to reproductive assistance in the form of IVF, access to contraception, and LGBT rights including equal marriage and adoption rights,” the NGO said.

Vella said that such accusations were baseless and that he had never been part of a group that worked against civil rights such as divorce IVF and LBTIQ issues.

Vella added that he would not deliver a speech at the anti-abortion conference, however, he would be in attendance. Vella reiterated that his position on abortion has always been clearly against.


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