Delia persona non grata at PN's Mellieha club for Sunday sermon

Nationalist Party members from Mellieha club write to Adrian Delia asking him not to attend club on Sunday to deliver weekly political speech

Updated at 11:55pm with Mellieha sectional committee statement

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has been urged to skip a Mellieha speech he had planned on Sunday.

The request comes from the party’s regional commitee, who feel that given the PN’s current turmoil, it would be wrong for the leader to act as if it was ‘business as usual”.

The Opposition leader is scheduled to speak at the party’s Mellieha club as part of the routine Sunday speeches held by political leaders.

In comments to the media, a source on the committee said that considering the situation the party find itself in, the committee feels that this is not the time “to be standing up at a podium and criticizing the Labour government.”

The decision to inform Delia on how the committee feels about him addressing members on Sunday was taken unanimously.

The committee also fear that given the recent revelations surrounding the party, tensions might rise.

“What if he goes on about the internal divide we have at the moment and someone says something and the whole thing gets out of hand? What we need now is mature internal discussion, not a Sunday sermon,” the source said.

Despite the committee’s calls for the speech to be scrapped, Adrian Delia’s Facebook page uploaded a poster notifying followers about the event.

The Opposition leader continues to face mounting pressure to resign, with members from the parliamentary group speaking publicly about his exit.

On Saturday morning, in an interview on the party’s radio station NET FM, Delia called out his internal adversaries, while insisting that a reform should start in the attitude of the party.

“The party’s pretentions of being in government, where we think it is our right to be in government, has to change,” Delia said.

Mellieha sectional commitee

In a statement released late on Saturday night, the PN's sectional committee in Mellieha denied that any decision was taken not to allow Delia to enter the party club in Mellieha.