Louis Galea denies reports he is being pushed to become interim PN leader

Louis Galea who has been entrusted to captain a reform process in the Nationalist Party has categorically denied reports that he is being pushed by MPs to take Adrian Delia’s place

Louis Galea
Louis Galea

Louis Galea has denied media reports that he is being pushed to take Adrian Delia’s place at the helm of the Nationalist Party.

He was reacting to a report on the GWU online portal iNews that quoted unnamed sources suggesting that Galea could be pushed by some PN MPs as interim leader.

Galea said there was “absolutely no truth” in these rumours, accusing the news site of misinformation.

The former minister was entrusted by Delia last summer to draw up a comprehensive reform of the PN.

Galea said in a statement that when he accepted the appointment to oversee the reform process, he made it amply clear that he had no intention of taking Delia’s place or seek some form of position within the party.

“I had declared that my intention was to help in the reform and renewal of the party as a service to Adrian Delia and the party,” Galea said.

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He added that the media report and the sources who spoke to iNews were evidently not happy with the renewal process.

“As has happened in the past, who does not want the PN to renew and strengthen itself, is actively trying to cast a bad light on the process, while trying to misinform the party members and councillors, who ultimately are the people who will decide what is the country’s and party’s best interest,” Galea said.

Delia has had to fend off a putsch from several members of his parliamentary group, who last week wanted him out.

The situation came to a head after a MaltaToday survey showed the PN leader posting his lowest trust rating in two years, with newly-elected Prime Minister Robert Abela even making inroads among PN voters.

Subsequently, deputy leader Robert Arrigo announced that he will be stepping down in March, Clyde Puli resigned from secretary-general, and Kristy Debono stepped down from president of the general council.

On Sunday, Delia vowed to soldier on, telling his MPs to toe the party line or leave. He later moderated his combative stance, insisting the party had to be united and support the reform process.