[WATCH] Ian Borg must shoulder political responsibility, Opposition leader says

Adrian Delia said that had the government implemented recommendations forwarded by stakeholders, last Monday’s incident would have been avoided

Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg must shoulder political responsibility for the building collapse which killed Miriam Pace on Monday.

Delia said that it would be useless for the government to blame everyone but itself, insisting that had it implemented the recommendations by various stakeholders and the opposition, the incident wouldn’t have happened.

“It is clear that the reform by Ian Borg was a failure, last Monday a wife and a mother was killed,” he said.

Reacting to the statement given by the Prime Minister, the PN leader said that while Abela called the situation an urgent manner, no timelines were given to the committee tasked with carrying out the review the rules governing the building industry and its practices.

He also expressed his disappointment at how Abela called the legislation a good one, but formed a committee “to reform the reform carried out last July”.

The PN leader also insisted that “the law should be enforced immediately”.

“This lack of enforcement is leading to more abuse, and it’s the government’s job to ensure a shift in mentality,” he said.

He made reference to the PM’s comments on how he was concerned over a development starting close to his own residence, stating that in a normal country people aren’t scared of such development, as enforcement is carried out properly.

“Today we were expecting that at least the PM gives the needed resources so that the necessary enforcement Is carried out, but he didn’t,” Delia said.