[WATCH] Coronavirus: No evidence of local transmission, Public Health Superintendent says

All four coronavirus cases registered so far were contracted in northern Italy

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci. (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)
Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci. (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)
No evidence of local transmission of Covid-19

There is no evidence to suggest that there have been transmissions of the coronavirus in Malta with all positive cases being traced back to Italy, Charmaine Gauci said.

The Public Health Superintendent said that once cases of domestic transmission are recorded, the next phase of the coronavirus contingency plan kicks in.

“There is no evidence to suggest that there is local transmission and all cases we have recorded so far were contracted in Italy’s northern region,” Gauci said.

She was fielding questions from journalists during a demonstration carried out at a new swabbing centre opened in Luqa.

Gauci said swabbing is also being carried out in Gozo, with samples being brought to labs in Malta.

Anyone testing positive will be transferred to one of the centres equipped to receive Covid-19 patients.

Gauci said 18 beds at Mater Dei Hospital’s Infectious Disease Unit and a number of other beds at the Intensive Therapy Unit have been made available to treat Covid-19 patients.

A centre with 12 beds at an undisclosed location will be catering for coronavirus patients also.

Gauci said new procedures regarding the admission of students at schools will also be released in the coming hours. MaltaToday is informed that schools have been instructed to ask for a doctor’s certificate ensuring clearance even for a day’s absence.

Gauci said the coronavirus helpline 111 received around 2,500 calls every day since its inception, with inquiries spiking when confirmed cases are reported in the media.

Covid-19 information

Government of Malta COVID-19 Info Page. 

Call the Malta government COVID-19 helpline at 111. 

Call the Malta Department of Public Health Disease Surveillance Unit at +356-2132-4086 if you believe you have contracted COVID-19.